• 0.4.1 * Fix for #206 wherein the pluggable parser didn’t recognise files with

    all-caps suffixes like .PDF

  • 0.4.0 * Introducing reminders. See #199 for more information, but the short

    explanation is that you can now attach simple notes & times to documents which are made available via the API. Currently, the default API (basically just the Django admin) doesn’t really make use of this, but Thomas Brueggemann over at Paperless Desktop has said that he would like to make use of this feature in his project.

  • 0.3.6 * Fix for #200 (!!) where the API wasn’t configured to allow updating the

    correspondent or the tags for a document.

    • The content field is now optional, to allow for the edge case of a purely graphical document.
    • You can no longer add documents via the admin. This never worked in the first place, so all I’ve done here is remove the link to the broken form.
    • The consumer code has been heavily refactored to support a pluggable interface. Install a paperless consumer via pip and tell paperless about it with an environment variable, and you’re good to go. Proper documentation is on its way.
  • 0.3.5 * A serious facelift for the documents listing page wherein we drop the

    tabular layout in favour of a tiled interface.

    • Users can now configure the number of items per page.
    • Fix for #171: Allow users to specify their own SECRET_KEY value.
    • Moved the dotenv loading to the top of
    • Fix for #112: Added checks for binaries required for document consumption.
  • 0.3.4 * Removal of django-suit due to a licensing conflict I bumped into in 0.3.3.

    Note that you can use Django Suit with Paperless, but only in a non-profit situation as their free license prohibits for-profit use. As a result, I can’t bundle Suit with Paperless without conflicting with the GPL. Further development will be done against the stock Django admin.

    • I shrunk the thumbnails a little ‘cause they were too big for me, even on my high-DPI monitor.
    • BasicAuth support for document and thumbnail downloads, as well as the Push API thanks to @thomasbrueggemann. See #179.
  • 0.3.3 * Thumbnails in the UI and a Django-suit -based face-lift courtesy of @ekw! * Timezone, items per page, and default language are now all configurable,

    also thanks to @ekw.

  • 0.3.2 * Fix for #172: defaulting ALLOWED_HOSTS to ["*"] and allowing the

    user to set her own value via PAPERLESS_ALLOWED_HOSTS should the need arise.

  • 0.3.1 * Added a default value for CONVERT_BINARY

  • 0.3.0 * Updated to using django-filter 1.x * Added some system checks so new users aren’t confused by misconfigurations. * Consumer loop time is now configurable for systems with slow writes. Just

    set PAPERLESS_CONSUMER_LOOP_TIME to a number of seconds. The default is 10.

  • 0.2.0

    • #150: The media root is now a variable you can set in paperless.conf.
    • #148: The database location (sqlite) is now a variable you can set in paperless.conf.
    • #146: Fixed a bug that allowed unauthorised access to the /fetch URL.
    • #131: Document files are now automatically removed from disk when they’re deleted in Paperless.
    • #121: Fixed a bug where Paperless wasn’t setting document creation time based on the file naming scheme.
    • #81: Added a hook to run an arbitrary script after every document is consumed.
    • #98: Added optional environment variables for ImageMagick so that it doesn’t explode when handling Very Large Documents or when it’s just running on a low-memory system. Thanks to Florian Harr for his help on this one.
    • #89 Ported the auto-tagging code to correspondents as well. Thanks to Justin Snyman for the pointers in the issue queue.
    • Added support for guessing the date from the file name along with the correspondent, title, and tags. Thanks to Tikitu de Jager for his pull request that I took forever to merge and to Pit for his efforts on the regex front.
    • #94: Restored support for changing the created date in the UI. Thanks to Martin Honermeyer and Tim White for working with me on this.
  • 0.1.1

    • Potentially Breaking Change: All references to “sender” in the code have been renamed to “correspondent” to better reflect the nature of the property (one could quite reasonably scan a document before sending it to someone.)
    • #67: Rewrote the document exporter and added a new importer that allows for full metadata retention without depending on the file name and modification time. A big thanks to Tikitu de Jager, Pit, Florian Jung, and Christopher Luu for their code snippets and contributing conversation that lead to this change.
    • #20: Added unpaper support to help in cleaning up the scanned image before it’s OCR’d. Thanks to Pit for this one.
    • #71 Added (encrypted) thumbnails in anticipation of a proper UI.
    • #68: Added support for using a proper config file at /etc/paperless.conf and modified the systemd unit files to use it.
    • Refactored the Vagrant installation process to use environment variables rather than asking the user to modify
    • #44: Harmonise environment variable names with constant names.
    • #60: Setup logging to actually use the Python native logging framework.
    • #53: Fixed an annoying bug that caused .jpeg and .JPG images to be imported but made unavailable.
  • 0.1.0

    • Docker support! Big thanks to Wayne Werner, Brian Conn, and Tikitu de Jager for this one, and especially to Pit who spearheadded this effort.
    • A simple REST API is in place, but it should be considered unstable.
    • Cleaned up the consumer to use temporary directories instead of a single scratch space. (Thanks Pit)
    • Improved the efficiency of the consumer by parsing pages more intelligently and introducing a threaded OCR process (thanks again Pit).
    • #45: Cleaned up the logic for tag matching. Reported by darkmatter.
    • #47: Auto-rotate landscape documents. Reported by Paul and fixed by Pit.
    • #48: Matching algorithms should do so on a word boundary (darkmatter)
    • #54: Documented the re-tagger (zedster)
    • #57: Make sure file is preserved on import failure (darkmatter)
    • Added tox with pep8 checking
  • 0.0.6

    • Added support for parallel OCR (significant work from Pit)
    • Sped up the language detection (significant work from Pit)
    • Added simple logging
  • 0.0.5

    • Added support for image files as documents (png, jpg, gif, tiff)
    • Added a crude means of HTTP POST for document imports
    • Added IMAP mail support
    • Added a re-tagging utility
    • Documentation for the above as well as data migration
  • 0.0.4

    • Added automated tagging basted on keyword matching
    • Cleaned up the document listing page
    • Removed User and Group from the admin
    • Added pytz to the list of requirements
  • 0.0.3

    • Added basic tagging
  • 0.0.2

    • Added language detection
    • Added datestamps to document_exporter.
    • Changed settings.TESSERACT_LANGUAGE to settings.OCR_LANGUAGE.
  • 0.0.1

    • Initial release